What Is The Gift Of Healing From The Holy Spirit?

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What Is The Gift Of Healing From The Holy Spirit?

What Is The Gift Of Healing From The Holy Spirit?

In a world plagued by uncertainties and afflictions, the gift of healing from the Holy Spirit shines as a beacon of hope and restoration. But what exactly does this gift entail? It is not a power that can be wielded at will or manipulated according to human desires, but rather, healing is an act of divine intervention that comes solely from God. It is an invitation to surrender ourselves completely, placing our faith in the hands of the Almighty. With this gift, we embark on a journey of unwavering trust, acknowledging that God’s plans are perfect, regardless of the outcome. But how does the Bible enlighten us about the concept of healing? Is the gift of healing something still present within the realm of modern Christianity? Can it be acquired through learning and practice? Moreover, as the world grapples with the onslaught of a global pandemic like COVID-19, can the spiritual gift of healing be harnessed to combat such illnesses? These intriguing questions prompt us to examine not just the essence of healing, but also the mindset and attitude of churches and individuals towards this gift. Join us as we delve into the enigmatic realm of the gift of healing from the Holy Spirit.

What is the Gift of Healing from the Holy Spirit?

When we talk about the Gift of Healing from the Holy Spirit, we are referring to a supernatural ability given to individuals by the Holy Spirit to bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This gift is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s power at work within believers, enabling them to be channels of healing in the world.

Understanding the Gift of Healing

The Gift of Healing is a unique and powerful gift that operates through individuals who have been anointed by the Holy Spirit. It is not something that can be earned or acquired through human effort, but rather is a divine blessing bestowed upon believers according to the will of God. This gift is not limited to a select few individuals; rather, it is available to all those who have a deep relationship with God and a desire to be used by Him for the benefit of others.

The Gift of Healing operates through different means, such as prayer, laying on of hands, or speaking words of faith and authority. It is important to note that healing does not always occur instantaneously or in the way we expect. God works in His own way and time, and healing may come gradually or through various means. It requires faith and trust in God’s sovereignty and understanding that He knows what is best for each individual.

Biblical Basis for the Gift of Healing

The Gift of Healing has been demonstrated throughout the Bible, with numerous accounts of healings performed by prophets, apostles, and ordinary believers. Jesus Himself was a great healer, performing miraculous healings during His earthly ministry. The Bible encourages believers to pray for the sick and to believe in the power of God to bring about healing.

In 1 Corinthians 12:9, the Apostle Paul mentions the Gift of Healing as one of the spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit for the edification of the body of Christ. This highlights the importance of this gift within the context of the Christian community. It is a demonstration of God’s love and compassion for His people and serves as a tangible expression of His power and presence.

Availability of the Gift of Healing Today

Many believers ask whether the Gift of Healing is still available today. The answer is yes. God’s power and ability to heal have not changed over time. The Holy Spirit is still active and working in the lives of believers, empowering them with spiritual gifts, including the Gift of Healing. However, it is important to note that the manifestation of this gift may vary from person to person and from situation to situation. It is ultimately up to the Holy Spirit to distribute and activate this gift as He sees fit.

Difference Between the Gift of Healing and Medical Science

It is essential to understand that the Gift of Healing and medical science are not mutually exclusive. While medical science operates within the realm of the natural, the Gift of Healing operates in the supernatural realm through the power and intervention of the Holy Spirit. Both have their place and can work together to bring about healing, but they function in different ways.

Medical science utilizes knowledge, research, and expertise to diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases. It relies on physical processes, medications, and therapies to bring about healing. On the other hand, the Gift of Healing operates through divine intervention and relies on faith, prayer, and the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about supernatural healing. It is important to recognize and respect the role of medical science while also acknowledging the supernatural power and authority of the Gift of Healing.

Can the Gift of Healing be Learned?

The Gift of Healing is a supernatural gift given by the Holy Spirit and cannot be learned or acquired through human effort alone. However, this does not mean that individuals cannot grow in their understanding and use of this gift. As believers deepen their relationship with God and seek to be vessels of His power, they can cultivate an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit can work more freely.

Through prayer, studying the Word of God, and seeking the guidance and impartation of those who operate in the Gift of Healing, believers can develop a greater sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. They can also learn to discern the presence and working of the Holy Spirit in different situations and develop the confidence to step out in faith when prompted to pray for healing. While the supernatural aspect of the gift cannot be learned, believers can grow in their ability to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and be used as instruments of healing.

Using the Gift of Healing in the Context of COVID-19

In light of the current global pandemic caused by COVID-19, many questions arise regarding the use of the Gift of Healing. Can this gift be used to bring about healing and protection from the virus? As believers, we must approach this question with wisdom, understanding, and faith.

While the Gift of Healing can bring about physical healing, it is important to remember that healing always comes from God at His discretion. We must trust in His perfect plans, whether the healing is immediate, gradual, or takes place through medical intervention. It is not within our control to completely eradicate sickness like COVID-19 through the Gift of Healing alone. However, we can pray for healing, protection, and wisdom in navigating this challenging time. We can also ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in discerning how we can be of practical help and support to those affected by the virus.

Warning Signs of Misguided Attitudes Towards Healing

Within the Christian community, it is important to discern and guard against misguided attitudes towards healing that can lead to misunderstandings and harmful practices. One common misconception is the belief that healing always occurs if a person has enough faith. This can lead to a blame game and the accusation of insufficient faith when healing does not manifest. It is crucial to remember that God’s timing and ways are not dictated by human faith alone.

Another warning sign is the elevation of healing above other spiritual gifts or the belief that healing is the only evidence of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. While healing is an important and valid gift, it is just one of many gifts given by the Holy Spirit for the edification of the body of Christ. It is essential to maintain a holistic and balanced understanding of the gifts of the Spirit.

Discerning True Healing from False Claims

In a world where false claims of healing and miracles are prevalent, it is necessary to exercise discernment. True healing is characterized by its alignment with the nature and character of God. It brings glory to God, points people towards Him, and leads to transformation and growth in the individual’s life and faith. False claims of healing often lack evidence, focus on self-promotion, or are driven by financial gain.

Discernment can be cultivated through a deep knowledge of God’s Word, prayer, and seeking the guidance of mature and discerning believers. It is important to test every claim of healing against the teachings of the Bible and to exercise caution when encountering charismatic individuals or communities.

Benefiting from the Gift of Healing

As recipients of the Gift of Healing, we are not only called to be conduits of healing but also to receive healing when needed. It is essential to approach God with faith and humility, seeking His touch and restoration in our own lives. We can also seek the support and prayers of fellow believers, recognizing that healing can come through the love and community of the body of Christ.

Moreover, we can benefit from the Gift of Healing by being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This gift is not limited to physical healing alone but can also bring about emotional and spiritual healing. We can surrender our hurts, pain, and brokenness to God, trusting that He is able to bring about wholeness and restoration.


The Gift of Healing from the Holy Spirit is a powerful and supernatural gift bestowed upon believers. It operates through the power and intervention of the Holy Spirit, enabling individuals to be channels of healing in the world. While the manifestation of this gift may vary, its availability and relevance in today’s world are unquestionable. As believers, we are called to approach healing with faith, humility, and discernment, recognizing that God’s plans and ways are perfect. By understanding and embracing the Gift of Healing, we can experience and participate in the miraculous work of God in the lives of others and ourselves.